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5 Pro Makeup Tips No One Told You About

ProTip 1: Use lip pencils instead of lipstick for long-lasting color.

Tired of continually having to re-apply your lipstick throughout the day? Consider using a lip liner instead! Lip pencils are fairly dry, and therefore, tend to last much longer than traditional lipsticks. Start by simply lining your lips and then turn the pencil on its side to continue filling in the rest of your lips.

5 Pro Makeup Tips No One Told You About
5 Pro Makeup Tips No One Told You About

Voila—your lip color will last for hours without having to reapply! Super serious about your lipstick’s longevity? Go one step further by applying a coat of lipstick on top of your filled in lips to increase staying power and color intensity.

ProTip 2: Brighten the eyes with a light concealer and soft dome brush.

Sleep? What’s that? After a long day of work or school, you’re bound to be rocking some dark/heavy eye circles. If you plan on going out in the evening (or anytime, really!), a quick and easy fix is to apply a lightweight concealer (we love Maybelline Fit Me concealer) under the eyes and blend it out with a soft dome brush.

You’ve probably heard that you should never apply liquid over powder, but we’ve found that it canwork as long as you apply the concealer in a very thin layer. Be sure to set the concealer with a pressed powder and flat sponge—we’re big fans of Maybelline Dream Matte powder. Hello, bright eyes!

ProTip 3: Contour with pressed powder that’s 3 shades darker than your skin tone.

This next tip is beyond simple, yet often overlooked. You can use a pressed powder that’s three shades darker than your skin tone to contour! Many brands don’t make contour powders, and since pressed powders are so accessible (and usually pretty affordable!), this trick makes it easy to find your perfect contour shade.

To apply, take your Makeup Geek Angled Stippling Brush and sweep the pressed powder just under your cheekbones. Be sure to blend for a soft and wearable look.

ProTip 4: Apply face powder over the top of your lipstick to create a matte finish.

Matte lips has undoubtedly been one of 2014’s most prevalent trends. So what’s a girl to do when her favorite lip colors aren’t matte (insert a sad song on a tiny violin here)? Take a very thin sheet of facial tissue and place it on top of your lips. Next, dust any translucent face powder on top of the tissue with a fluffy face brush.

A light layer of powder will transfer through to your lips to create an instant matte finish. Problem solved!

ProTip 5: Fix “Oompa Loompa” face by blending darker foundation down your neck.

We’ve all run into the orange face dilemma at one point or another (all of high school, anyone?) and although it’s unsightly, it’s easily remedied. With a beauty blender and your too-dark foundation, blend the shade down your neck. The key is to fade the color as you go, otherwise you trade the mismatched line around your jaw for a mismatched line around your neck.

You can even dab a bit of foundation onto your décolletage to further blend out harsh lines. In the future, find a lighter foundation and custom mix it with your darker foundation to create your perfect match.


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